No Tissues for You

I am sad for America today.

Maybe it’s being in proximity to the latest school shooting.  Maybe it’s the fact that I am father with kids in schools that now have to go through Active Shooter Drills…like they would a fire drill because this is the “New Normal” that kids are now facing.

This week I have watched kids rise up and say, “We want change.”  Only to watch adults challenge them as experts or call them “Crisis Actors” that they were paid to push an agenda.  Politicians and Media outlets, you have to give to them.  New lows in hypocrisy.

I say so what if these kids in some case were helped out or even coached.  Explain to me how it’s any different that a Politician taking donations from say the, NRA or Big Pharma and push those organizations agenda by dodging or deflecting serious questions that could possiblly damage those organization.   I think the issue is the kids are finally playing an adults game at the right time.

I listen for the calls of changes in law, bans and let’s get tough for once statements.  All great ideas but I think we all know none of it will ever come to pass.   Not in the way we hope at least.

It’s easy to blame a single person for being upset or troubled.  It’s easy to blame the system’s failures for not addressing the “Red Flag” when they are raised.  Those are easy things to pass blame on.  It’s easy to keep passing the buck.  However, this issue is not not as easy as two kids saying, “Well he started it.” after a fight in the school yard.

I think what runs through my head these days is how easy it is to obtain a gun and it shouldn’t be.  It should be extremely difficult to get a gun.  It’s easier to get a gun than it is to get a job in some cases.

I would love to see the laws change where you apply, and it takes a month or more to vet your application.  You have to be interview and/or evaluated for the right to get a firearm.   If you pass all the interviews and documentation and you show clear mental understanding of what you are about to buy – then you should be granted the privilege to obtain a firearm.

Like many people – I have no issues with people owning guns.  I don’t and I am okay with that – it’s not my thing.   Like many people – I don’t understand the need for semi-automatic weapons being available to the general public.  I don’t hear of many hunters using them – where I think it would be a logical place to use them.  So why do we need them?  I wish I could get an honest answer on that one.  So, I don’t see why we can’t ban those type of firearms outright.

I think unfortunately there is no single solution to this debate.  Because the one that is true is guns alone are not the problem.  Mental health is not the singular problem.

However, let me pose this idea to you.  When will ban lobbyist? Can we ban the hold the NRA and Big Pharma have in Washington? When will address the NRA and Big Pharma’s efforts to line our Political leaders pockets?  When will we hold them all accountable?

How’s this for an idea of change – set term limits for Congress and the Senate?  The President can serve only 2 -4 Year terms consecutively.  Why is it not the same for Congress and the Senate?  You have 4 to 8 years to do your job in representing your districts/states.  I think one of the main issues with this whole debate is the elected officials – they are complicit and complacent on this debate but act like they are for a solution


Maybe if we started there.


Maybe we would see change.  Instead of more of the same.

30 Second Poetry: #1702


The allowance that

Glittered the hand

Of the child

Who raked the leaves

And trimmed the hedges

Trickled into the Pig’s Snout

With clinks and clunks


The picture of a Bike

Hangs over the Snout

And a child’s smile



a 30 Second Poem by Taco Jonez

Photo by Taco Jonez.

30 Second Poetry: #1701 – Adoption


#1701 –  Adoption

The branch loosens her grip

To the leaf

Spiraling down to the edge

Of the river bank

Hoping for a breeze to push

The leaf into the stream

And into the hand of another.



a 30 Second Poem by Taco Jonez



30 Second Poetry: #1608 by Taco Jonez

#1608    –  Gloucester on Shore

A finger taps the ground

Bent hard at the knuckle

It taps at the ground


the soil is soft

The grass deflects

And the code

The fisherman’s wife

Would i days past click through

The mic to say

“I miss you.”


Is lost to the sea

In the wind

30 Second Poetry: #1607 by Taco Jonez

# 1607

Clean as the blade

can be after the cut

The remains linger

In the edge

And the hand


As I clean the marble

Counter after kids devour

A trough of mac & cheese


I get


In the marble’s layout of


                                               L      I      N     E      S


Straights that give to















I see what reminds me of


the brook









across my back yard / And the woods


I was always fearful of venturing



Howls & yips


Daytime silence


and fog

That never


         I         t

L               f             e  d


Even in the summer sun.


All of this would have been

A simple memory

One that flushed a childhood

Fear into

An adult laugh off…



a 30 Second Poem by Taco Jonez

30 Second Poetry: #1605 by Taco Jonez

Inspired by this thought:

I tickled a toothbrush because the voices in my head said so



By water & soap

I get the truth out of him

As I bare my teeth

Hissing out orders

Bending his ear and back

To my will


I ruffle his Kid & Play eraser top

Into something of a Shaggy mop

As I rake across his hairs

Wearing down the waxen strength

That holds his hair high


I let him down

Easy in a corner


As I chew on a mint



I say, Thanks




a 30 Second Poem by Taco Jonez.


Photography by Taco Jonez.

30 Second Poetry: #1604 by Taco Jonez

Into the pools

Of spring-time youth

The children dance

Around the water spouts

Keeping the sun’s rays off

Their cheeks and backs

Pretending invisible sharks

And mermaids tickle their toes

Giggles and tired arms

Rule the day

Cheeks ache for a moment of calm

But the water feels good

And the soul cannot stop smiling



a 30 Second Poem by Taco Jonez.  




Photograph by Taco Jonez.


A 30 Second Poem: #1603 By Taco Jonez



The Bull and The Trees


The blades of grass sway

Just out of reach of the Bull’s

Teeth each time he leans in for a bite


Flies do not tickle his ears or tail

Still he lifts his head and horns

The trees call him to him


Come closer

The “s” dragsssssss

Out, eyes sparkle

in the underbrush

Of needles

And broken leaves

At the belly

of the trees


Snorting a “Hell No.”

He resume a battle of taunts

Between him

The wind

And the grass




a 30 Second Poem by Taco Jonez

Photo by Taco Jonez.

A 30 Second Poem: #1602 by Taco Jonez



“Little Bastard & The Viper”


The road parts the desert –


a black snake winding through

the cracked flatlands and cactus


cutting at the base of mountains sides

plunging it’s teeth into metal roadrunners


leaving their bones by lamppost campfires

as a reminder that the road is one harden beast



a 30 Second Poem by Taco Jonez

Photo by Taco Jonez.

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